5 stupidly easy & unbelievably healthy things to do

Queries sent: 20Rejections: ~7 (got another one this week, but haven’t done a full count)Full/partial requests: 0Teeny bit of good news: I was “high on the maybe list” of a RevPit editor! I am not the most healthy person in the world. I have mental health issues, I sometimes overeat, and I feel tired mostContinue reading “5 stupidly easy & unbelievably healthy things to do”

not broken just bent

No query updates this week, sorry. I don’t have the spoons for it. It’s not good, though. Got another rejection this week. A nice one. So, silver lining. Also, I fully stole this title from that P!nk song, which I love (except for the super-blatant gaslighting: the male singer literally says, “It’s all in yourContinue reading “not broken just bent”

managing, sort of

Query Week 5Queries sent: 20Rejections: 6Full/partial requests: 0 It is the 7000th month of Covid, and the new variants are creating a third fricken’ wave of this horribleness. It snowed yesterday (in April…), my uterus is being wrung out like wet laundry, and I have a headache. I am not having an awesome time rightContinue reading “managing, sort of”