either it’s worth doing, or it’s not

Query Week 3Queries sent: 13Rejections: 4Full/Partial Requests: 0 We spend so much of life trying to answer questions that we forget to consider whether the questions we’re asking are useful to us. Questions like Is it difficult? Will it cause me struggle? Will it be a hit to my ego? are fine, and there’s noContinue reading “either it’s worth doing, or it’s not”

this is what it sounds like when doves query

Obviously, it’s me that’s querying, and not doves. But there’s no songs about humans querying, so I had to reach a bit. (Also, weird random fact: I was convinced that this song was by Duran Duran and not Prince. I literally got into a yelling match with my BFF about it. Like, in our 30’s.Continue reading “this is what it sounds like when doves query”

ideas flow from stillness

If you haven’t noticed, stillness is hard for me. With Covid, a separation, a move, and more Covid: stillness has been even more fricken’ hard. I saw a counsellor yesterday, and they recommended hypnotherapy meditations. This morning, I tried a 12-minute meditation. I picked it because it was the shortest one on the website. MyContinue reading “ideas flow from stillness”

the ultimate longshot

I bought a bottle of wine called The Ultimate Longshot a few weeks ago. I am drinking it tonight. So now my drunk-ass self has some things to say. I bought it because I was drawn to the bottle. Apparently, post-separation me makes purchasing choices based on being drawn to shit. My favourite purchase, post-break-up,Continue reading “the ultimate longshot”

overthinking is a creativity boner-killer

You are smart. You are capable. You are made of stardust. So why can’t you leave well enough the fakken-fakk alone? Creativity is kind of my jam, in my actual paying job, as well as in my, you know, creative job. I’ve done presentations for professionals about how to be creative. It’s a mind-effer forContinue reading “overthinking is a creativity boner-killer”

new strategy: write for someone you think will hate it

You probably think I’m crazy. Why would I write for someone who would hate what I write? That’s fair. But you probably already think I’m crazy before you read this post, so. This is a technique that I use when I am trying something new, and I don’t feel confident in it. What if IContinue reading “new strategy: write for someone you think will hate it”

if you want to be successful, kill your ego

Last week, I found out I won first round of a writing contest I entered. I was completely floored. Right after I got the results from my first story, I had to jump right in to the next round. It would have been easy to have entered the second round with a butt-ton of hubris.Continue reading “if you want to be successful, kill your ego”