if you want to be successful, kill your ego

Last week, I found out I won first round of a writing contest I entered. I was completely floored. Right after I got the results from my first story, I had to jump right in to the next round. It would have been easy to have entered the second round with a butt-ton of hubris.Continue reading “if you want to be successful, kill your ego”

on motherhood and “mushroom work”

Yes, I used a gendered term on purpose. It seems that in every article about “motherhood,” folks respond with, “what about dads?!” and, “that’s sexist!” I’ll tell you what’s sexist: women have the lowest labor participation rate since the fucking ’80s. Women have shouldered the overwhelming majority of childcare since the quarantine started. Moms areContinue reading “on motherhood and “mushroom work””