dissociation and me

Query update: Still at a standstill, sorry. Life. Hopefully soon, I’ll get some energy to move on it. I’ve been thinking about dissociation a lot recently. I hadn’t really ever thought about it until a couple years ago. It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be something that I could have experienced. I’m notContinue reading “dissociation and me”

cursed sandwiches & pandemic parenthood

Query update: It’s bad. Got another two rejections this week. Sigh. Feedback from my editor due next week, so I’m hoping for my seventh wind. Schools are out again, and my kids have both been exposed to a Covid case, so we are on quarantine. In my 800 sq ft apartment. In spring. So, yeah.Continue reading “cursed sandwiches & pandemic parenthood”

you don’t have to do everything all the time

Query Update: Sent my query letter to my editor, who spiffed it up in like two seconds. Now I have rewritten it based on her feedback, and sent it for a second round of feedback. Planning to hear back next week and will hit the query-ing trail again! If you’re like me, you have bigContinue reading “you don’t have to do everything all the time”

5 stupidly easy & unbelievably healthy things to do

Queries sent: 20Rejections: ~7 (got another one this week, but haven’t done a full count)Full/partial requests: 0Teeny bit of good news: I was “high on the maybe list” of a RevPit editor! I am not the most healthy person in the world. I have mental health issues, I sometimes overeat, and I feel tired mostContinue reading “5 stupidly easy & unbelievably healthy things to do”