new strategy: write for someone you think will hate it

You probably think I’m crazy. Why would I write for someone who would hate what I write? That’s fair. But you probably already think I’m crazy before you read this post, so. This is a technique that I use when I am trying something new, and I don’t feel confident in it. What if IContinue reading “new strategy: write for someone you think will hate it”

the revolutionary act of being a mom with dreams

Quick: name me five stories about a mom with dreams. No? Three, then. Hmmm…. One? Can you name one? In recent memory, How Stella Got Her Groove Back may be one, and Grace & Frankie on Netflix. But neither of these is a narrative of a mom with a specific dream, a goal that isContinue reading “the revolutionary act of being a mom with dreams”

you can either be married, or you can be legendary

I was having dinner with my children the other night, and my oldest launched into a monologue about her latest imaginary world. This time, it was a world of dragons. My child described how the dragons have adapted to their various environments, and how they evolved, Pokemon-like, from their original states. Some dragons marry, sheContinue reading “you can either be married, or you can be legendary”

everything is terrible and nothing is okay

People are dying of Covid around the world. ICU’s are being overwhelmed. And this morning, I heard about a 10-year-old who died from Covid a couple of provinces over from me. Shit’s getting really real. And all of the support structures we’ve so carefully set up in our lives are now kaput. Everyone we wouldContinue reading “everything is terrible and nothing is okay”