5 stupidly easy & unbelievably healthy things to do

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I am not the most healthy person in the world. I have mental health issues, I sometimes overeat, and I feel tired most of the time (but that may be just Covid. And the overeating may be Covid too.). Since I had my kids, I struggled with chronic pain and fatigue. Life got really rough for a while. It’s still pretty rough most of the time.

So I measure my health improvements incrementally. If a change I make allows me a bit more energy, or slightly increases my range of motion, I get excited. And, of course, it should be obvious that the healthier you feel, the more awesome of a life you can have. So it’s worth it to try some stuff that may pay off in extra health. I don’t believe in going nuts about anything (other than Crispy Minis Italian herb flavour– that shit’s amazing). So without more ado, here goes:

1. Gelatin

Seriously, you guys. I bought a bunch of gelatin as a comfort food for me during my separation. But I ended up realizing it actually made a huge difference for my joint health. My sciatica is almost completely gone, and my range of motion is way better now. Plus it’s an awesome late-night snack– super-low in calories and fat. (I went bougie and got a subscription delivered every two months, but you can also buy some at the store.)

I use regular gelatin to make a delicious gelatinous snack, and I also use collagen peptides, which is the non-gelatinous version. I throw a couple scoops of that into baked goods I make for my kiddos. You can put it in smoothies and everything else. Best thing ever.

2. Overnight Oats

I toss some oats, flax, chia, hemp hearts, and pepitas in a 1L jar in my cupboard. Then, in the evening, I shake out about 3/4 c of this mixture into a smaller jar along with some oat milk and vanilla. By the morning, it’s ready to go. (I microwave it because I hate cold slimy oats in the morning, and I add some salt and maple syrup, then stir it up. Yum!) It’s a stupidly-quick, easy, and nutritious breakfast, and it gives me lots of energy for my day.

3. Houseplants

Houseplants make you happy. And they clean your air. So bonus. I love my houseplants. Now that the garden centres are opening up, I don’t leave a store without a new houseplant. You guys, it’s so great.

Being around green plants indoors (and outdoors!) can reduce mental illness symptoms and can improve your health.

Pro-tip for new gardeners: don’t overwater houseplants. I see lots of people watering their plants constantly whether they need it or not. Most plants do well if their soil dries out a bit. They like getting dry, then getting a big drink, then drying out a bit again. I use the water bottle dregs from my kids’ lunches to water the plants. Also, if you hardboil eggs, that eggshell water is great for your plant-babies (once it’s cooled, of course).

4. Orgasms

It’s hard to remember when we’re stressed, but knocking one out can help a lot. It can clear your mind and relax your body. Plus, it’s free and has no calories. No partner? No problem! As with most things in life, you can do it just fine on your own.

5. Getting Rid of Shit

Alright, I admit it: I bent the “stupidly easy” part of this. Getting rid of stuff is not always easy, and our relationship with our stuff can be incredibly complex. But try this on for size: pick one area of your place (say, one bookshelf or your board game cupboard)– try to find a place that’s emotionally neutral for you. Give yourself permission to let go of anything in that area. Then take everything no one has touched in six months and throw it out or donate it. Once you have done it, you will feel amazing.

If you want, you can try another area. Keep going until you run out of energy, and then when you get more energy, you can clear out more areas. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world? It feels light and free.

If you feel like it, you can try one of these for yourself to see how it goes. But, really, at the end of the day, it’s not about what I say, or what anyone else says. You do what’s right for you. And if you can take a small step that may pay off with increased wellbeing, that’s extra-awesome.

It’s gonna be great.

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