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It’s Christmas Eve Day, and my kids are at their dad’s. They will be coming over here for Christmas Eve (we gave Santa instructions for how to find us at our new place, and we got a letter back from Santa thanks to Canada Post!).

Anyway, here I am, and here we are. I spent the morning making breakfast, tooling around, and doing a course on how to improve the first ten pages of a manuscript. Then I walked to the store and picked up a few odds and sods. While I walked, I listened to N.K. Jemison’s The Obelisk Gate. Later, I will be writing some stuff (I guess I kind of already am…), vacuuming, and doing laundry (because I live in an apartment, I have to be a bit thoughtful about when I do laundry). It’s an untraditional day, but a good one nonetheless.

Had I been overly concerned about the trappings of the day, decorating and baking, and making everything postcard-perfect, I would not have had the awesome, wander-filled day that I had.

I purposefully made an ultra-minimalist holiday for myself and my family. We will have days filled with rest, music, food, and puzzles, but not a lot of presents. I made all the presents to give away, and I warned my kiddos that Santa will not be going all-out this year. I am using this Covid time to reflect on what matters, and what is necessary. Everything else gets dumped.

It’s surprising to think how many work-hours have gone toward giving crap to people who forget about it hours later. Not only hours spent on browsing, purchasing, and preparing presents, but all the hours we spent making money to purchase the gifts. When you add up all the expenses, we’re spending a lot of our bodies’ labour on shiny things and fancy gifts.

That’s where “our bodies are more” comes in. Our bodies are more than production. Our bodies are more than cashing out on our workdays to buy crap from billionaires. Our bodies are more than working to improve, working on getting stronger, working on getting more beautiful.

Our bodies are the houses for our minds and our souls. When we stop focusing on stuff, we can focus more on being who we are, where we are. We can just be. Holidays can be about being, rather than doing.

When we take back our power, as whole humans, rather than parceling out our energy and chopping up our bodies for parts, we can rest. Truly rest. It’s wonderful. When we recognise that our bodies are more, we raise the standard for what we are willing to spend our energy on.

It’s gonna be amazing. I promise.

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