everything is terrible and nothing is okay

People are dying of Covid around the world. ICU’s are being overwhelmed. And this morning, I heard about a 10-year-old who died from Covid a couple of provinces over from me.

Shit’s getting really real. And all of the support structures we’ve so carefully set up in our lives are now kaput. Everyone we would go to for help has no room for our shit, because they’re barely managing their own shit.

Yes, this all gives us a wonderful opportunity to reimagine a new, healthier world. Yes, we will keep going, because we don’t have any other options.

But for now, everything is terrible and nothing is okay. It’s kind of like a baby with a poopy diaper. Eventually you’ll have to clean it up. But for the next little while, it’s okay to sit in the shit.

This Covid time is especially difficult for parents, I think. Not only do we need to manage our own disappointment and frustration about all the horribleness, but we also have to hold space for our children’s feelings. We need to honour their feelings while still being the Covid police. It sucks. But child-free folks also have their unique piles of shit as well. Spending endless hours within your own mind is its own punishment.

We all have our own specially-packaged pile of shit that we’re sitting in. And no one’s okay.

After we’ve been sitting in (hopefully metaphorical) shit for a while, we’ll eventually want to get up and carry on. The Covid vaccine will be released, and hopefully it will provide some relief from these extreme social restrictions. These short cold days of winter will get longer and warmer. My apartment complex has an outdoor swimming pool in the summer. My kids are going to be there every.single.day. It will be heaven.

For now, in the pit of winter, with Covid hanging over everyone’s consciousness all the time, we are not okay. And that’s gonna have to be okay.

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