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I know I’ve been a bit silent over the last couple weeks. I’ve been busy moving into an apartment, trying to find the laundry room, recycling, garbage, learn how to load my laundry card, get a parking space, figure out how to get everywhere from here, set up a utilities account, get internet service, and change my mailing address. Plus caring for my kids. Plus doing my job every day (which is a new job…). Oh, and I’m also doing NaNoWriMo.

Things have started to settle down for me. I wake up every day feeling a bit more secure, a bit more grounded. I’m creating new routines. I know how to get to work. I’ve ordered a camping washing machine, and I do one small load each day.

This kind of stuff is rarely easy, but it’s always important. And the good news is that these periods of intense transition allow us to see who we really are, and what we really want. When even the simplest tasks feel like running a marathon, you see pretty quickly what makes the cut, and what gets dropped.

And the joyous discovery for me has been that I’ve kept writing. And I want to keep writing, to devote even more of my time to following my dream. Viktor Frankl talks about how we can create meaning from suffering (in a brilliant book called “Man’s Search for Meaning“–seriously, check it out!). For me, my suffering has shown me how much I need to write. And that is a wonderful gift.

My apartment’s feeling more like home now. Routines have developed, and I feel less raw day by day. I’m glad I have my kids to help me keep going; without them, my transition process would have looked very different. I’ve been listening to “The Keep Going Song” and really, that’s all there is to it. Just keep going. Keep going when it’s not pretty, when it’s not sexy, when no one notices your pain, or your strength. If you have to, if you can’t keep going for yourself, keep going for your kids, or keep going for a loved one. Even a pet. Or a memory.

In time, it will get easier to keep going. It will feel more natural and less forced. And it will feel more joyful. We will get through; we will break through, and we will discover untapped depths of strength.

It’s gonna be awesome.

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