the least-worst option

RBG is dead. Conservative governments around the world are leaning further and further toward fascism. And Covid is still running rampant.

There’s so much macro-level horrible stuff happening that it feels almost selfish to be thinking of our measly problems. But here we are. And we gotta find a way to move forward. It feels like all of our usual ways of prioritising our options have been thrown out the window. We have to pack up our shitty feelings and find a way to move on. While we can (and should!) allow ourselves to feel our feelings, we also can’t get too hung up on them when it’s time to act.

Sure, you can be disappointed that your reality is not matching up with your expectations. But at the end of the day, you’ve just gotta keep on keepin’ on.

That’s where the “least-worst” option comes in. Would it be great if you could choose the best option available? Yeppers. Is that possible for anyone other than Jeff Bezos? For sure not. So, if you’re Jeff Bezos and you’re reading this, freaking pay your employees what they’re worth! And if you’re not Jeff Bezos reading this: make the best choice you can out of the options available to you in the moment.

As the Good Book says, “There are times in your life when you feel awesome and everything is going your way. Then there are shitstorms like 2020– hoo boy, will that be a year to remember!”

When you’ve got a bunch of piles of shit, and you’ve got to choose which one to jump in, it’s not really worth it to be upset that you have to jump into a pile of shit. Just pick which one is the least smelly, plug your nose, and jump.

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