writing through the blues

It has not been an awesome few weeks for me. It has not been an awesome few weeks for anyone, probably. In the future, when people read this and see the date, they will say, oh, right. Those days.

We are all well deep into a collective depression, isolating from one another and fearing for our own health. It’s awful.

So how can we talk about writing during this time? And why is it important to keep writing?

To my way of thinking, it’s always important to write. We owe the world our stories, and we owe our readers and ourselves to develop our skills such that our stories are told with artistry. In this case, there’s only one road to Rome, and that is to write and write and write.

Some days you won’t be able to work on your story, and that’s okay. Write something else. Write your feelings. Write your blues. Send a PM to a friend. Write some words on a notepad. The more you write, the more comfortable it’ll be.

Even that is too much some days, and don’t I know it. On those days, expand your definition of “writing.” Take a walk, and think your story as you step. Or bake a cake, and narrate your actions. Stack some rocks in a playground. Writing is creating, and creating is writing. Don’t stop creating.

Then, when your words come back, get back into it. Even a few words or sentences. It will feel so good to move that needle, even just a teeny amount. Writing begets writing, and soon you’ll be back to your regular productivity.

It’s gonna be awesome.

Let’s hear from you! Comment below to let me know how you write through the blues.

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