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Hi. I’m Amy. I write, grow plants, and hang out with my sister. I sometimes pick the hairs that grow on my chin. I live with my spouse, a shiba dog (yes, they’re as cute as they seem!), and two small humans. We used to have a cat, but she got old and died.

I like fizzy water, universal human rights, and social justice. Give me a sunny day and a trip to the Y, and I am good to go.

I write all sorts of stuff; silly stuff, serious stuff, fiction, non-fiction. I like writing about writing, and writing about reading. I’m writing this in the middle of this never-frickin-ending COVID lockdown, trying to stay healthy as best I can.

We must tell our stories. We must share our thoughts. We must create.

Join me!

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Coffee-drinker, money-saver. Laughs at "that's what she said."

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