managing sort of

managing, sort of

Query Week 5Queries sent: 20Rejections: 6Full/partial requests: 0 It is the 7000th month of Covid, and the new variants are creating a third fricken’ wave of this horribleness. It snowed yesterday (in April…), my uterus is being wrung out like wet laundry, and I have a headache. I am not having an awesome time rightContinue reading “managing, sort of”

this is single

Query Week 4 Revisions: 4Queries sent out: 20Rejections: 5Full/partial request: 0 I am single. I remember Jerry Seinfeld’s routine when he said, “I am a single guy. There are no other guys attached to me.” Yup. Good stuff. I am a single non-binary person. There are no other non-binary people attached to me. And IContinue reading “this is single”

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