healing pains

This week, I took my kids camping. By myself. For the first time ever on my own. When my marriage ended, I didn’t take any of the camping supplies because they were all at the back of the basement and because I didn’t have the energy to dig through it. And I didn’t want toContinue reading “healing pains”

opening up

Query update: Sorry. Nothing yet. I know I said soon– it’s coming. I promise. OMG, you guys. Yesterday, I went to a restaurant. Like, a real restaurant, with people and tables and menus. Inside the restaurant, even. And get this: I didn’t wear a mask. I looked around, and none of the other customers wereContinue reading “opening up”



Query update: No update yet. Things are lightening up soon, though. Soon, friends. Soon. I recently asked my friend to do a Tarot reading for me. I wanted to know what I could do to heal from all the shit that’s been heaped on top of me. After she did the regular reading, she tackledContinue reading “unabsorbing”

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